1837 Erben Pipe Organ Restoration

Gloucester, Massachusetts / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In collaboration with C.B. Fisk, the renowned pipe organ builders, Dogtown Restoration worked to restore this grand, massive pipe organ case from Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Built in 1837 (for a church founded in 1685), the organ's extensive casing was disassembled and shipped to C.B. Fisk's Gloucester, Massachusetts facility, where the entire instrument was redesigned and restored from the ground up. Retrofitted to house a brand new instrument, we worked to reuse roughly 75% of the original casework. For us, that meant stripping, repairing, prepping, painting, and re-gilding over two dozen pieces of paneling and exquisite carved cornices, pipe shades, starbursts and crownpieces. The final result couldn’t be more stunning!