Cabinet Restoration Projects

Knotty Pine Cabinet Restoration

Gloucester Mass.

An extensive restoration in a late 19th-century Cape Ann home, these custom-build kitchen cabinets were installed in the 1960s with a natural shellac finish and wrought iron hardware. Shellac is prized for its warmth and iridescence, but is a soft finish and wears quickly around moisture. Having worn down extensively, the old finish was stripped down to bare wood, then dyed with a custom-tinted shellac stain to replicate the original aged patina. A topcoat of UV and moisture-resistant waterborne polyurethane ensures the new finish a long life. 

White Enamel Cabinet Refinishing

Somerville Mass.

Just because cabinets are worn down doesn't mean they're a lost cause. The cabinetry in this Somerville kitchen was very well-built, but the natural wood finish was degraded from years of use. The new owner's opted to keep the cabinets but update them with a beautiful white satin enamel, giving the kitchen a bright and clean modern look at half the cost of full replacement. 

“Chiswell Blue” Enamel Cabinet Refinishing

Rockport Mass.

These homeowners had beautiful shaker cabinets in their kitchen but wanted to try something different than basic white they had originally. We removed all the fronts and doors, sprayed them with a highly durable satin cabinet enamel (Benjamin Moore “Chiswell Blue”) and painted the boxes and trim on-site for a seriously dramatic and dynamic change.